Hello, my name is Robert and my girlfriend’s name is Sharon. Sharon had a stroke April 4, 2012. This is where my story begins, with that crazy day in April when our lives changed forever.

The Hospital

The ER: man, what a scary place; not much compassion there. They deal with death every day and it shows. They do what they can but honestly, how would you like the job of trying to calm down family members of a patient on the brink of death. That’s gotta be hard on your heart and soul.

She was in ER for a week. The doctors told us not to expect her to recover and said if she did recover at all, she would have total loss of her left side. …ok with that news shocking the family, what was I supposed to do? This is my soul mate and I knew if I gave up, she would too. There was no way I was going to let that happen. So first things first, I taught her to eat so they wouldn’t put a feeding tube in her (tough fight there, they kept ordering a tube and I kept telling them to wait, I knew she would eat on her own, given the chance). Now we’re off to the recovery center……

In-Patient Rehab

These people do great things. They’re very positive and encouraging (what a refreshing change). The therapy she received helped her leg, speech, swallowing, and eating; just about everything, but her arm and hand.

Sharon’s Arm

I have been by her side since her stroke. I repeated every therapy she got, in her hospital room, and her recovery was amazing but they couldn’t really do anything for her arm (mainly due to the pain). I asked them about a sling to hold her shoulder joint in place. They said the pain and swelling was from pinched nerves in the shoulder. They said that she just had to work through the pain because there was no sling that really worked for the sublux shoulder.

No Slings?

My answer to that was bull*&^%. I watched her therapist hold her arm in place and her pain went away. I started searching for a sling and sadly, they were right, every sling I found caused more harm than good and they wouldn’t let me put any on her.

They did try the GivMohr Sling but it just didn’t work. Every time she bent her arm, her shoulder fell down.

Determination Gives Birth to the SubluxSling

Well I wouldn’t accept defeat, there had to be a way to help her. When she got home, she had in home therapy. I started making different slings while her therapist kept telling me what was wrong with each one.

Luckily, it only took 11 attempts!

Her therapist loved it and better yet, Sharon’s pain level dropped so low, she could stop taking pain medication. Her arm recovery jumped 80% in just two weeks.

All of her doctors and therapist required her to wear the sling I made.

Her doctors and therapists also kept telling me to patent the sling and get it out to the public because there were so many people out there that needed one. I applied for a patent, put together a workshop, and went to work making them to help other survivors stop struggling.

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