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Caregiver in the U.K.
"...Thanks for the sling,received it Monday morning.Found it very easy to put on and mum has been wearing it comfortably since.Very well designed,quality material and no fiddly bits.  Highly recommended.  After 24 hours we noticed her hand is more pliable and no pain in shoulder. Will help with balance and looks better too. Thanks again for the quick delivery and genuine,caring help. You've really made a difference and I wish you, therapy fusion and Robert Thornton all the best. Take care. Danny x"

Caregiver in the U.K.
".....the Subluxsling is making a big difference to the movement of her right arm and is far more comfortable during the day and sleeping. Thanks so very much”

ALS/Lou Gehrig's Patient

"...the immediate relief was miraculous..."

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Donna Slump
Stroke Survivor

Not only has my back and shoulder pain that I've lived with since the stroke gone away but my posture has so drastically improved people comment on it all the time!!! 

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Itzel Garcia
Stroke Survivor

"...The sling is really showing improvements while my old sling just held my arm, not fix it..."read more

Mike Weland
Stroke Survivor

"...I am able to sleep through the night without being bolted awake in pain from moving the shoulder wrong..." read more

Stroke Survivor

"... My pain level has decreased from 10 to a 4, that's a big difference for me I've been experiencing pain for many years..." read more

Trevor Ansell
Stroke Survivor

“…your sling has literally changed my life as soon as I put your sling on I felt the lifting support that my left shoulder needed to ease the pain…” read more

Cheryl Conrad Evans
Caregiver / Spouse

"...I am so far very impressed... Thank you for sharing your kind invention. :)"   read more

Stroke Survivor

"I know that this Sling is the reason for all of my improvement. I am confident that others can find relief/improvement with this sling as well..."  read more

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