Stroke Survivor

I had my stroke 4 months ago; I have improved greatly due to my Bob creating this sling for me... I’m not sure if I can properly explain my gratitude.

The amount of pain I was in 4 months ago was terrible. All the doctors could do was give me pain pills.

Bob was with me every day at the hospital talking to my Doctors and Therapists; asking questions about subluxation and possible solutions to improve my pain levels. My OT, Kevin, talked about how if there were a sling that could hold up my bones in the proper position the pain would recede greatly. He showed Bob what a sling needed to do to allow relief of pain as well as allow me to use my arm during all therapy.

Within a few weeks, I went home from that hospital with 4 different pain pills. After the first week of being home, Bob had created my first sling. The relief from pain was amazing, my arm was held up in place and I could move without feeling that terrible pain.

My OT was able to work with my arm and help me regain muscle tone within a few weeks My OT was very excited about my progress and that Bob had created a Sling that could help in the recovery of stroke survivors. My last x-ray of my shoulder showed my shoulder looked normal, complete reduction of my subluxation. Bob donated slings to all of the Therapists that had worked with me. My Bob is a genius and my angel.

At this time, I am in outpatient therapy and using E-Stim therapy to improve my movement of my arm. My Sling is still worn daily & I am improving daily. I know that this Sling is the reason for all of my improvement. I am confident that others can find relief/improvement with this sling as well...

Thank you my Bob for all you have done for me,
I love you with all my Heart... Sharon

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