How to Put On the Subluxsling

How to Put on the Subluxsling

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There have been many questions about how to put on our sling. To understand how to put it on, you should first know how it works. The sling has only three parts and they all work together: the left arm support, right arm support, and a strap that goes across the back.

This unique sling works by using the unaffected arm to hold the affected arm in place. It’s done by the two straps that run across the upper back making an ” x ” in the middle as they cross. Each strap starts at the front at the armpit then goes over the shoulder and connects to the opposite arm support at the back (at the armpit) with a quick release buckle. 

Understanding the components:


Putting it On

To put it on you must first look at the two arm supports: there are three 2-inch wide straps that hold the sling on the upper arm (similar to putting on a blood pressure cuff, but not too tight).

arm support diagramYou know you have it on right when the strap is at the armpit (when you put it on the three 2-inch straps – go over the bicep and are aimed away from the body, the long skinny strap is at the arm pit). I usually drape the long strap over the shoulder to the back as I put on each arm support.

After the arm supports are on, you move to the back of the patient. You should see two straps – one hanging over each shoulder. Take the strap coming from one support and connect it to the opposite support at the back armpit with a quick release buckle.

Next, you take the strap from the opposite support and connect it to the first support with the quick release buckle at the back of the armpit.

diagram putting sling on

Adjusting it:

Each strap comes a part with Velcro. Undo the Velcro and pull up till the arm is comfortable then reset the Velcro to both straps (the patient should be feeling better at this point). If you need to pull the shoulders back this is done with the third part of the sling (the extra strap with Velcro at each end). Find a plastic ring on the back at each armpit. Run the strap through each side and pull the shoulders back then reattach the strap back to itself. There, done!

From that point on the patient’s sling is custom fit for them and should be easy to take on and off with the quick release buckles in the back and it can be worn over or under garments.

Putting the SubluxSling on:

diagram (2)