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The products you’ll find here are healthcare related that either improve upon items already available or fulfill a need not previously met by our current healthcare system.

Stroke/Subluxation Research

Sleep problems in stroke patients: relationship with shoulder pain

Shoulder pain in people with a stroke: a population-based study

The prevalence and characteristics of shoulder pain after traumatic brain injury

Management of shoulder pain in patients with stroke

Prevalence of the Shoulder-Hand Pain Syndrome in an Inpatient Stroke Rehabilitation Population: A Quantitative Cross-Sectional Study

Stroke Organizations

Stroke Blogs  Everything about Stroke Rehab, Treatment, and Recovery!

Tales of a stroke Patient

Stroke Books

Changing Landscapes—My New Normal:A True Story of Struggle and Adjustment after Surviving a Ruptured Aneurysm by Sarah Celio Krenk

Tales of a stroke Patient by Joyce Hoffman

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